Victoria's Flight - "Last Days of Summer"

April 15, 2020 - 63 views

Video Credit: Scott Johnson at Mallard Video Productions (based in Glasgow)

"‘Last Days of Summer’ was inspired by evenings spent on the beach while on a trip to Marseille in the South of France, and the sense of loss that can arise from something great coming to an end.

Filmed at the picturesque Ganavan Sands beach in Oban, located in the stunning west coast Highlands of Scotland, the video was shot under the direction of the greatly talented Scott Johnson from Mallard Productions.

It follows the story of two people meeting and discovering their own journey, where anything can happen. It tries to capture that special vibe that comes from the end of summer – the feeling of endless possibility, despite the feeling of loss. ‘Last Days of Summer’ is the second of three singles that together tell the story of a summer of love and loss."


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