Undecided Future - "Look Up"

April 15, 2020 - 77 views

Video Credits:

Directed by Kee Studio

Produced by Undecided Future

Styled by Jackie Wlodarczyk

Los Angeles, CA - Pop band Undecided Future is starting the year off the best way possible, aiming high with their new single “Look Up.” The quartet of childhood friends bring an unmistakable chemistry and plenty of feel-good vibes on the funky new track and video. Set over a Dem Jointz production that captures his signature style, Undecided Future masterfully navigates the flurry of sounds to create an upbeat and uplifting anthem.

The visuals bring the song added depth, with the four band members enjoying life and nature’s beauty firsthand as they “Look Up” and appreciate their surroundings in several captivating nature shots. It’s a fitting start to the New Year for the group, who have plenty of big things still to come!   (Video shot at Vasquez Rocks, California)


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