Ships Have Sailed - "Skin"

April 15, 2020 - 159 views

Video Credits:

Directed by Michael Easterling and Jaala Ruffman of Talkboy TV

Cinematographer: David Parks

Production Company: Talkboy TV

Featured Actors: Allea Bonetti, Gabriel Bonetti, Mila Bonetti, Jessica McCormick, Paul & Beth Ruffman, Darshana Ruffman, Rachel Welsby, Mimi Lu, Dominick Brown, Shab Nathan, Yuki Wulan, Aaron Brown

Filming Locations: Golden Daggers and The Spot on Sunset.

Special Thanks To: Rocky, Rachel, Isa and the entire staff at Golden Daggers.

Song Credits:

Written by: Will Carpenter & Art Andranikyan

Produced by: Will Carpenter

Mixed by: Will Carpenter

Mastered by: Mauricio Iragorri & Steven Baughman for Next Level Mastering

Acoustic Guitar Performed by: Steve Stout

Additional Production by: Kyle Moore

The video for 'Skin' as well as the song itself is an exploration of human vulnerability. Songwriter and Frontman Will Carpenter explains: “I can’t even count how many times people have told me to grow a thicker skin, but they’re essentially telling me to numb my feelings, and I think that our feelings and emotions are the essence of our humanity. ‘Skin’ is my way of expressing that I’m content with feeling as much as I do…even if it hurts sometimes.” Carpenter teamed up with video production duo TalkboyTV to craft a video that leaned even further into vulnerability through a series of stark, black and white vignettes, following a variety of characters (including Carpenter and drummer Art Andranikyan) through happiness, turmoil and pain. The result is a raw and honest visual accompaniment to what might be Ships Have Sailed's most vulnerable song yet.


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