Shannon Garcia - "Spooky Action at a Distance"

April 15, 2020 - 138 views

Video Credits:

Written and Performed by: Shannon Garcia

Produced by: Josiah Wolf

Directed by: Edmund Osterman

2019 Aqui Estamos Records

The video was created in collaboration between the singer herself and Edmund Osterman. The lyrics of “Spooky Action At A Distance” are communicated through sign language as bubbles fly around Garcia and colors of the video change simultaneously. The time of certain clips has also been changed by several filming speeds to show the disconnect between viewers and Garcia. As a result of its concepts, viewers are able to connect to her as both an artist and a person. With quantum entanglement loosely in mind, filmmaker, Edmund Osterman and I manipulated time through filming at various speeds.  Thus showing the speaker of the song is almost but not quite connected to the viewer. It was important to me to share this story through the use of one of the most beautiful languages, sign language.


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