Selfish Bodies - "Come and Go"

April 15, 2020 - 71 views

Video Credits - Lasse Joergensen

Come and Go is about wanting two completely different things at once, taking action and getting through the backfire. Why’s it gotta be so complicated? The Come and Go video is much more simple. Welcome to the Selfish Bodies jam space. This is where the magic happens. Maybe it’s more like where the manic happens. Regardless, the bands blood, sweat, tears and creative juices are all over this place. Hence the black and white. The faint of heart could not handle the colour, s so Lasse Joergensen chose to film the dank dungeon under harsh lights, somehow accentuating the darkness. Perfect for the world to get used to the Selfish crews mugs. Put a face to the voice and a face to the bass!


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