Presley & Taylor - "Everybody Sees It"

March 04, 2021 - 456 views

Video Credits: Brian Vaughan

When Presley & Taylor sing and fans hear their sibling harmonies, they

experience more than beautiful music and a "true country sound.” They experience the true bond of sisters and best friends. Before the first verse is finished, listeners gain a glimpse inside the true sense of a duo, which is inseparable in performance and in life.

From performing a sold out show with Pam Tillis at the Grand Ole Opry

to hitting sanctioned CMA Fest stages two years in a row, these sisters know how to captivate an audience. Thanks to legendary mentors like Pam Tillis and James Stroud, Presley & Taylor are wise beyond their years when it comes to telling the story of a song. Tillis joined the duo on their single “Heart Over Mind” and Stroud has proudly served as their longtime producer.

Presley & Taylor have exhibited atypical maturity for an act barely in

their twenties. They are quickly gaining the spotlight among the next

generation of country music. Mix Miranda Lambert’s true country sound,

Carrie Underwood’s powerhouse vocals, and Kacey Musgraves’ grace to find what Presley & Taylor bring to the party. “We put a lot of time and effort into choosing the perfect songs to put in our live show,” the sisters said. From Britney to Céline to Whitney, Presley & Taylor spend hours studying live performances of strong female singers. For these two, entertaining is a craft that they aim to perfect.

Their personalities and styles effortlessly complement each other -

almost like they’re related or something! Presley has a cool, sexy style that’s reflected in her attitude on and off stage. Taylor brings out the classy, bold taste that isn’t afraid to take risks. Together, they hit the mark of what’s trendy while staying true to themselves. Presley loves the outdoors and spending time with her puppy, and you can catch Taylor in the gym at all hours. The central hobby they share is creating music. “We are always writing and working on new original music to bring to our audiences,” the sisters said.

For these twenty-something-year-olds, family is everything. They prioritize time with loved ones and hope to use their musical success to give back to friends and family. “Our Mom has without a doubt made the biggest impact on us as young women,” Presley & Taylor said. “She certainly leads by example with her grace, beauty, and strength.” Their parents have always stood by Presley & Taylor’s side through this journey.

At the core of every breath Presley & Taylor take are their fans. “Without

our fans our music would never be heard or make a difference,” Presley & Taylor said. These artists cherish the everlasting support from the kind,

strong, and loving group of fans they have built over the years.

After accomplishing so much as young adults, you’d expect Presley &

Taylor to feel content. Not these two. These ambitious women are simply

using their success to fuel their new plans. “We have massive goals and

expectations for our career, and God willing there's really no stopping where our music can take us,” Presley and Taylor said. “The sky’s the limit.”

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