Nagual - "Above the Clouds"

April 15, 2020 - 79 views


Director, DOP & Editor: Niccolò Savinelli

Producer: Nagual & Alberto Callegari

Published by OrzoRock Music

The “Above the Clouds”, that anticipated our new album “A Glass Full of Karma”, was filmed and directed by Niccolò Savinelli and inspired by a concept of the band. Despite the fact that the lyrics of the song are telling stories of personal crisis and detachment/escape from reality, the video follows a different path… even if the main theme remains the elevation “above the clouds”... The story suggests an initiation rite and the transfiguration of the members of the band by the hand of the leading actress (Cezàra Potlog). Worth reporting is the presence of familiar faces (Davide “Topino” Costantini and Enrico “Kurma” Curotti, the guys in the old Mercedes-Benz 220D) that connect the plot of the video to a previous one released three years ago (“Let It Go” directed by Teemu Nikki - Whoever might remember that video should be able to link the events… truth to be told this new one is actually a prequel of the other. The scenes were filmed in Nibbiano (PC, Italy) both in the Tidone riverbed and in some indoor locations kindly provided by the association “Confluenze”.


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