Montana Modderman - "You and Elvis"

April 14, 2020 - 68 views

The music video for “You and Elvis” is a vintage filtered escape. Through frames of sepia tinted vignette, Montana is seen in a cozy home, alone. The same home that was once the dance floor for her lover and Elvis ballads. Lyrics of “The silence is deafening after you and Elvis left the building” juxtaposed with the vintage flair of the video create a nostalgia for an era even before our time.

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Montana Modderman is an award winning country singer songwriter based in Nashville. She has taken the stage at the Florida Strawberry Festival, Key Largo Songwriters Festival and many venues in Nashville. Her infectious melodies and sincere lyrics capture the attention of the listener.

Her song "When Love Hits You" has received Honorable Mention from the American Songwriter Magazine and her song "Knock Off" was recognized by American Songwriter Awards. Her debut single "Didn't Mean To" garnished attention from Women of Country, Belles and Gals, and Bring and Country 2 UK. The song was quickly added to Women of Country's Top Ten Tuesday Playlist and Belles and Gals Ultimate Playlist on Spotify following the release. The song has over a quarter of a million streams on Spotify.

Modderman recently released her three song EP, For The Record which was listed as one of Ten Best Albums of 2019 so far by Women of Country. This is just the start for Modderman who has her heart set on a long career in music.



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