Martina Armour - "Trouble"

April 15, 2020 - 76 views

VIDEO CREDITS - Directed by Daniel Riser, Written by Laetitia Mariani

Trouble music video is about what can sometimes be the darkest and most vulnerable side of our lives. In every pain, every suffering, there is beauty in it and by telling the story through a beautiful modern dance, those feelings were reflected. Letting the dance be the mirror of our lives. With time the dark side always comes out, and we are forced to confront it. Relationships, abuse, addiction, forbidden love, self reflection, eventually we all come face to face with that. It is about fighting to regain the power we lost, to stand up for yourself and to gather the strength to say 'no more'. The choreography tells the story and emotions of all of that. It shows the love that once was, the defiance and struggles and nonetheless the scars that stays with you.

The Trouble music video is filmed in The Adler theater in Hollywood.


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