Mags - “Emotional Honesty”

April 15, 2020 - 79 views

VIDEO CREDITS - Director: Jakub Walentek, Producer: Michael Anthony, Production Company: Emerald Fields Productions

Shows by means of song and action how true relationships under almost any circumstances can survive life’s turmoil of ups and downs if trust is solidly grounded in honesty.

Raised on a family farm in County Cork, Ireland, Mags McCarthy (MAGS) is an

eye-catching and captivating vocalist, dancer and multi-instrumentalist. MAGS began her musical arts pursuit as a four-year-old studying Irish dancing. Catering to an undeniable musical hunger, MAGS expanded her curriculum to explore and learn a variety of dance styles as well as musical instruments with her primary focus on violin.

Courted by the world-renowned Irish dance troupe, Rhythm Of The Dance, the UCC (University College Cork) student became a global performer almost overnight. The young singer-songwriter has since canvassed 40-plus countries, performing before millions as a principal lead in the dance troupe and as a solo-touring artist.


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