Lucas Omni - "I Don't Know"

April 14, 2020 - 70 views

The overall concept of the video was to show homage to where we came from - Des Moines. We went to the city with a rough plan of what we wanted to shoot and then followed the flow and vibe of the city. Everything was very organic and just came about and you can feel that energy when watching "I Don't Know."

IMG_2481.JPG (112 KB)

Lucas Benn better known as Lucas Omni is an American Contemporary Hip Hop artist and producer that hails from Ames, Iowa. Before Lucas Omni , he dropped many underground singles under the name Lucasyeet. Gaining attention from many influencers like Adam 22 of No Jumper and Lil B after doing 7 million streams under that alias. In his own words “becoming complacent counters results and growth.” “Its all in the energy and the feeling you take away from the record;” says Omni.



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