Life In A Tree - “Movie”

April 14, 2020 - 70 views

"Movie" is all about how we interact with one another. It's simple human nature to toss issues within our everyday relationships to the back burner and replace them with temporary distractions, like watching a movie (metaphorically speaking). We allow temptation to take hold and draw us away from the problems and closer to comfort by the infinite preoccupations looming in our society. There are distractions everywhere we turn with technology and social media that pacify us and can keep us from dealing with some of the more difficult things in life. Many times things can be healed between two people with just one simple healthy conversation. The video’s story-line is aesthetically based within the 1980’s, especially since the song itself has hints and references of that decade. Everything from the VCR-styled film shots, tube-television, TV dinners and Molly’s checkered skirt, alludes to the decade that inspired this video the most. Don't let talking go old-fashioned.

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Life In A Tree is an alt-pop/rock band from Wisconsin now based in Nashville. They have been evolving their sound ever since they formed the band back in eighth-grade.  In their early days, they were playing everywhere they could building up a 4-hour show and eventually gaining the experience of playing at some of the biggest music festivals across the state. As their popularity quickly grew they were invited to play on the main stages of Summerfest, "aka..the world's largest music festival", as one of the youngest bands ever invited. With eight total appearances before graduating high school, they were able to share the stage with diverse acts such as Pentatonix, Kaleo, Collective Soul, Tonic, Gavin Degraw and Matt Nathanson.

In 2018, they were nominated by the Radio Milwaukee Music Awards as the "Best Band of the Year" and in 2017, they won the award for "Independent Release of the Year". Following graduation and attending separate colleges across the country, they reinvented their style from their youthful emo-alt rock to a more polished, commercially-rich sound. Chris Bound of UK Mystic Son's describes them as "the US outfit that channeled the pop-rock sound of Paramore".

Their latest singles, “Movie” and "FOMO" were both recorded in Nashville with Rian Dawson of the legendary pop-rock band, All Time Low. Their alt-pop/rock sound shines through the cushioned ambiance of synthesized sonics, playful guitar licks reminiscent of the 80's and powerfully captivating vocals. This trio of Molly Lutz (vocals/bass/synth), DJ Underwood (guitar/bass/vocals) and Jimmy Cooper (drums), sought to combine their emotionally-charged lyrics with Dawson’s radio-friendly acumen. Through their various influences, they have channeled a uniquely current take on bands like Paramore, Walk The Moon, Twenty One Pilots, Young the Giants, and The 1975. Marquette University Radio said "Despite their young age, this band’s trajectory is star-bound". Life In A Tree is now poised to take their music to the masses.

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