Kendra Erika - "A Deeper Love"

April 15, 2020 - 68 views

In “A Deeper Love”, it shows two soulmates/friends/lovers, who want to share an open and meaningful experience together. They decide to hit the road, escape their life cooped up in their humble abode, and really reconnect with each other. As it is observed in the video, there is no one else a part of their journey or their experience. Instilling the initial sentiment behind the song’s intent of capturing what it is like to shut off the noise around you and making quality time happen for those who are closest to you. Making that nostalgia something of value again within our current dynamics. Keeping life not necessarily “simple”, but more sentimental and something to look forward to with a deeper meaning behind everything that we do. Towards the end, in the video, she looks through the vintage camera. Symbolizing the artist’s farsighted  perspective, about finding a deeper love, is the most significant of the overall message.  

Kendra Erika - A Deeper Love (Official Music Video)

Written By: Kendra Erika & Damon Sharpe

Video Credits - Directed by @Tyler_rousseau

Produced by @mateo2789 Production company @Covapictures Wardrobe by @bornoriginal Featuring @Joel_ezra


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