Kendall Rucks - "Blood Money"

April 14, 2020 - 61 views

Blood Money has a bluesy rock vibe with a bad girl message.  Ever been the "other woman"? Ever considered her perspective?  It's not moral and it isn't kind but it's a thing that happens so here's a song for all the naughty girls and boys out there in the universe.

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With her powerful vocals and sultry sound, Kendall Rucks fuses elements of rock, blues and dream pop to create music that is both provocative and captivating. Based in Los Angeles, Kendall has recently released her latest single BLOOD MONEY while also juggling multiple writing and recording projects. With her band, The Zodiac Mafia, Kendall is preparing for a US tour in 2020 as well as the release of multiple new singles. “The music we are creating is everything I’ve always wanted to do – it’s deep, kinda dark and has an organic rock feel - most of all though, I think it's honest... I believe there is nothing sexier than raw vulnerability - whatever way that comes through - whether it’s through childlike innocence and wonder, or a passionate lustful rage. When the music is true, it just feels right” With artist inspirations such as Fiona Apple, Lana Del Rey, and Cat Power as well as groups like Nirvana, Radiohead and Garbage, Kendall makes music that is deep, thought-provoking and has soul with a sultry edge.

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