Gavin Lee - "Old Chevy"

April 14, 2020 - 87 views

Old Chevy is a song was written about my Step-father who lost his battle with Leukemia last fall.  I hope that others can relate to this video as well.

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Gavin Lee is one of the top trending Indie artists in new country music with over 1.4 million views on Facebook and 15,000 video shares. His down home, down to earth, back roads, boy next-door attitude has endeared him to the public in a grass-roots way that only those with true Star power can accomplish. Climbing the charts with 40,000 monthly listeners, and over a dozen Spotify playlists already. Gavin has just released his 4th single "Old Chevy". Gavin has the “IT” factor that makes a great song something we can all relate too.

Born in Michigan and raised in Florida, Gavin’s childhood was filled with sports, hunting, fishing, and learning his way around a shop. Yet the one passion he could never put down, was his guitar.

In a desire to pursue his music career, Gavin moved to Nashville where he met Grammy nominated writer/producer Christian Davis. It was obvious to Christian, that Gavin could “catch the wave” if given the right material and development.

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