Fuzzysurf - "Denny"

April 15, 2020 - 132 views

VIDEO CREDITS -  Produced and creative concept by Fuzzysurf. Written by Fuzzysurf and Joe Ludwig. Directed and edited by Joe Ludwig. Fuzzysurf puppets created by Ryan Lowe of MKE Puppets. Puppeteering by Jamie Hazelwood, Tommy Simms, Kim Giddens, and Ryan Lowe. Additional puppeteering by Fuzzysurf.

Fuzzysurf is: Ben: Bass, vox Corey: Keys Mike: Drums Sean; Vox, Guitar

During a basement band rehearsal, Milwaukee-based band Fuzzysurf take a food break after a strange pizza boy arrives at their door with a somewhat quesionable large extra-mushroom pizza. Undeterred due to their hunger, upon eating the pizza the boys in Fuzzysurf begin to feel a little...different than usual.


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