Flo Chase - "Spinning Wheel"

April 15, 2020 - 70 views

VIDEO CREDITS - Filmography by Collective Films & Co

Co-produced by Houston Fry and award winning mixing engineer Michael Brauer (Coldplay, John Mayer), “Spinning Wheel” (independently out August 23, 2019) is Flo Chase’s first piece of new music since last single 'Kiss You Goodbye' (released August 2018).

Chase having always been a true believer of “things happening for a reason” and the idea of the universe having a greater plan , 'Spinning Wheel' essentially touches on the turn life can take when finding true love.

Additionally, the emotional lyrical content primarily reflects upon a distance relationship and the will to do whatever it takes in order to spend more time with the one you love; or at least one more night as Chase repeats throughout the chorus of the song “spend another night alone with you”.

In fact, throughout the track, Chase’s lyrics remind us that this woman is not just a person in his life, but an astral footprint.

Additionally, a key message in this song reflects that distance between two people is so inconsequential when their souls are united.

His new music comes from the precipice of not only a slightly depressing instance, but also the notion of permanence and people having an almost cosmic intervention in your life.


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