Dionysia - "Lucidity"

April 15, 2020 - 384 views

Video Credits:

Produced by Alex Rozanec, TrePalm Inc. Directed by Aaron Alter

Lucidity is about freedom of expression, regardless of what you do or how you choose to do it. It can be difficult to follow your dreams with so many critics and competitors out there, especially as we become more connected. We tried to reflect this by introducing two masked performers, who compete and send the main characters into a trance. The lyric “sitting on your throne all alone ain’t a tragedy” is really an emulation of confidence; the mindset that there is no shame in what you’re doing as long as it is pure. We hope that this video shows that we aren’t hindered by the expectations of popular culture. We wanted to showcase the incredible talent within our circle of friends and let the music and the performance come together to make something really special.