Dinosoul - "Let Me Go"

April 15, 2020 - 75 views

The dark synths set the scene for and haunting and heartfelt vocal performances. The contrast between the duo’s vocals is really striking: light and dark, hard and soft, bright and brooding. They work as one and add extra layers of meaning to the already impressive array of influences marshalled onto the track.

The visual for “Let Me Go” also went through a series of twists and turns from its original plot-driven vision. Donovan and Hilliard both explain that ultimately “simplicity, movement and the beauty of dance had a different vision for this song. We think this song is so emotionally charged that it ultimately screamed for simplicity during times of angst, distress and uncertainty which yielded the final product. It allowed for the dancers to share their own storyline and invites and allows the viewer/listener to ultimately create their own storyline too.” The video is a proud showcase of the Pittsburgh creative scene with direction by Stephanie Trainer, editing by Karl Nykwest, and featuring local dancers Sara Simmons, Cameron Boyd, Javier Marchan.


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