Deep Blue

May 15, 2021 - 249 views

Kylie Odetta Releases a new song - Deep Blue: 

Imagine a deep blue, starry sky above a gentle ocean... your favorite person and the warmth they make you feel… or a future version of you breathing easily, at peace. These are the mental spaces that Kylie Odetta’s new song “Deep Blue” will take you. The song, which consists of soothing vocals, soaring saxophone, and chill tropical undertones, will come out on Friday, March 19th. This first release of 2021 for Odetta will be supported by a music video coming out on April 1st and a stripped version of the song coming out April 16th. 

A personal note from Kylie about the song: 

I wrote this song when I was living in a basement in Brooklyn, NY in 2018... I was stressed, struggling mentally, and having writer's block. This song helped me heal, it was the perfect spark of inspiration that I needed. It started with me simply singing the lyrics “lately oh baby I’ve been feeling crazy like I’m bout to lose my mind” as a joke! And then I thought “wait a minute… I can go somewhere with this. I can acknowledge where I’m at while also speaking life to my situation”. So I finished the song that night and then I brought the acoustic version back to my band in South Carolina in 2019. We built it out together to be the dreamy, emotional, and captivating song it is now.

When we started playing it live over the last two years I kept trying to find the right moment to release it, but the timing never seemed to work out. Well… the time has finally come and I believe it's happening exactly when it was always meant to. I hope that this song brings a sigh of relief, a spark of inspiration, and a simple joy to each listener - that it would remind people of the power of mindfulness and speaking/thinking LIFE and goodness over our situations. Let’s collectively take a deep breath and imagine the deep blue of a brighter future, together. Love, Kylie 

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