Breana Raquel - "Q&A"

April 15, 2020 - 137 views

Video credits: Directed by Kianna Bliven / Produced by Breana Raquel / Cinematography by Townsend Dick

A fun and sassy visual to go along with the concept of demanding answers casts a comical light on a cheating boyfriend. The mixture of dainty and dangerous blend perfectly together to tell a story of a desperate girl turning into a spy to confront her significant other. Going with the idea of “love makes you do crazy things” she begins following him and putting together clues that eventually lead up to an investigation. Somewhere in the purple hues she finds herself being better off without. The visual exudes women empowerment when she brings in her team of girls to help her put together the missing pieces and finds herself valuing her friendships more than her broken relationship. 


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