Autopilot - "Undisguised"

April 14, 2020 - 62 views

"After 20 consecutive shows on tour we had a few days off in NYC to shoot the video for Undisguised. Director Kevin Van Witt captured the contrast of the lyrics with empty streets in a condensed and often chaotic city.” – Autopilot

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Known for their thoughtful lyrics, powerful hooks, dynamic stage show, and obsessive hard work, Autopilot somehow seem to effortlessly walk the line between passionate art and massive appeal. They’ve become road warriors, touring relentlessly across Canada and the US and have been praised for their tireless work ethic by publications like Canadian Musician Magazine, who called them “quite possibly one of the hardest working bands in the country.” Autopilot's highly anticipated new record Afterglow, their most impressive and accessible record to date, finds the band reaching for bigger sounds, bigger ideas, and much bigger audiences. 

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