aanelieElina - "Veins"

April 14, 2020 - 76 views

"Viens" written by:  Annelie Elina Eriksson, Michael Pappas Veins is the first song off of annelieElina's upcoming EP. Veins is about realizing that everyone has impurities; nobody is pure. The lyrics speak to how you're stuck with yourself for the rest of your life, so accept your impurities and that you're not the only one who has them. Even though you may think that many people focus on your flaws, you are really the only one who sees them. Realizing that everyone isn’t pure is what makes us human, and able to connect with each other. 

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One of my biggest goals when writing is to create something that my listeners can connect to. With this in mind, I really think about how the lyrics, beat, and vocals will make my audience feel. Some of my biggest inspirations are Billie Eilish, Julia Michaels, Lennon Stella, LÉON, Madison Beer, Alec Benjamin, Clairo and many more!

I wrote my first original song "Staring at the Sun" after coping with losing somebody very close to me...Made me feel calm and relieved after writing about it. I wrote 4 more original songs that year in 2016 and you can find them all under "annelie" on Spotify, apple and all other streaming platforms. They all have official original videos on annelieVEVO as well!!

After a few years of singing and recording covers I felt that I "found" my sound and I have been working on my first EP since late last year. First release from that EP, "VEINS" went live in June , 2nd release will happen this friday the 23rd of august and it's called "LET IT GO". I am very excited to hear what YOU all think!! Jump on to www.annelieelina.com to read about who I have been working with on this EP as well as a lot of new photos, thoughts etc etc.....Also please take note of that my new music is now under "annelieElina" and there's only one song so far on my new Spotify so I really need your support there!! "Veins' official video is also on annelieElinaVEVO. Your support means absolutely everything to me and right here at Reverbnation is where it all started for me!!

To learn more about aanelieElina visit:

Website - https://www.annelieelina.com/


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