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Jon Omen - "A Girl Like You"

#indie #pop

VIDEO CREDIT - director: Gordon Cowie

Jon Omen’s A Girl Like You music video is an upbeat, lighthearted take on the traditional boy meets girl love song. Joined together with director Gordon Cowie, they bring humor and vibrancy to every screen as we watch what we think is Jon singing about his crush, a seemingly unknowing girl more focused on her friends and phone to give him the time of day. We come to learn that he is actually singing about her dog, the beautiful golden retriever warming hearts as Jon gives her treats, tries to impress her with his lightsaber skills, and ultimately wins her heart with a bouquet of bacon roses. The best part? Jon jogging away with the dog of his dreams after all the girls in the video sit stunned to find out he was never interested in them to begin with. This poppy, catchy track has a video to match, the visuals bright and eye-catching, getting stuck in your head as contagious as its lyrics.

Jon was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah and began writing music at age 14, along with participating in other art forms, including performing in a Disney movie. After high school, he turned down a chemistry scholarship to join the Marine Corps. During his service, he placed roots near the city in his twenties when he gained acquaintances at a local studio, where he was able to create music and receive industry advice on how to succeed as an artist. He played in several bands around the city, playing mostly rock and alternative.

After deciding to reinvent himself, he began a solo project, trying to find new sounds. With inspiration from Foster The People, The Neighborhood, and AJR, Jon has been able to create a sound entirely his own.