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Faye - “Pink Dress(You Got Me)”

#pop #indiepop

Official video “Pink Dress(You Got Me)” by Faye

I wrote “Pink Dress(You Got Me)” about someone I was crazy about. I wanted them to know that they had me through it all. Being in that relationship I realized so many things. It taught me a lot. I wish I could go back and re do some of the crazy stuff I did but I can’t. I re play it in my head sometimes and wish I could explain to the person the reason why but I don’t even think it’s worth it...


Once guitarist/singer-songwriter now turned full band “Faye” is an award winning musician in her local artist community. Faye has begun staking her claim in the music scene around Central Ohio and nationally; performing in Nashville and Austin has given her a new found insight and musical drive. When Faye crafts her Indie/Pop music, she draws deep inspiration from not only personal life experiences but also from great artist influences such as Nirvana, Kacey Musgraves, Taylor Swift, JoJo and Pearl Jam. Faye’s vocals lend themselves to pleasant, sultry, velvet tones and her smooth vocal stylings have been assimilated to that of Norah Jones. Faye began her performance stage career at age 6 as the youngest act in her school talent show. Since then she has gone on to compose over 100 original scores, teach herself guitar, win numerous talent competitions, joined many music associations, created her own band, and become an avid music business entrepreneur. Faye’s original score "Pink Dress(You Got Me)" was selected in 2018 as a semi-finalist in NSAI’s national Top 40 Contest. She is a member of NSAI(Nashville Songwriters Association International), ASCAP, and Columbus Songwriters Association. Follow Faye at @fayessong on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter or sign up for her mailing list at