Simone Reyes

September 20, 2020

New York City native Simone Reyes was raised on hip hop and has been the Godfather of Hip Hop’s right-hand since high school. She spent years joyfully and successfully helping to mold entertainment mogul/ philanthropist, Russell Simmons’ dream into a reality that became legend. Then without warning, Russell Simmons, very publicly stepped down from his businesses to redirect his focus on global healing and Simone's life took a turn.  

During that time and for the first time in her adult life, she was able to focus on HER dream and follow her passion...COUNTRY MUSIC.

Dedicated to honoring the timeless country sound of her idols such as Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette and others, her songs are both contemporary and authentically true country.

Simone, who is of Irish/ Asian/ Spanish descent is also an ex- reality star, world renowned animal activist, TEDx speaker and author.

Gratefully proving that dreams don’t have an expiration date, Simone now spends time in the studio recording /co-writing songs, conceptualizing  music videos and letting her voice finally be heard. It is her prayer that she will lead by example for others, especially women, who have a song in their heart that has yet to be heard and whose time has come to fly.

Simone Reyes - "I'm Ready"

Video Credits: Kerry Porter/ Frontman Video

Debut single by new country artist,  Simone Reyes. " The video follows Simone as she portrays a woman, much like herself ( and millions of others), who find themselves working to build other people's dreams while denying her own. "I'm Ready'  encourages everyone to go after their dreams and to never limit themselves by falling for the false belief that dreams have an expiration date. It's message is one of encouragement and promotes the concept that EVERY voice deserves to be heard.

Listen to I'm Ready on indieartst radio or check out a preview below:


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