September 15, 2020

Jerard is an artist with many talents, wearing the hats of entrepreneur, ertist, songwriter, singer, and philanthropist. Jerard is a strong believer that music is a universal language, and it's something that is meant to educate, empower, and connect with others. Jerard’s wide array of projects reflect his passion and ingenuity.

Jerard is a graduate student along with being the co-founder of Hustle Work Grind Records with his brother M-Ezy. Jerard spends his time in the studio making music that matters. Jerard is called a neo artist because he loves combining real life experience whether it be his own, or a lesson he learned in a movie, and depict it from a different perspective. Jerard has performed at many notable live shows. They include the 2018 Beats and Barbeque opened for Styles P and Sky Zoo and the Easter Seals Benefit. His first released single, “Bet On It,” is an example of the determination and hope held by Jerard.

Jerard believes that his greatest accomplishment is organizing a protest with a fellow alumnus from Nichols College and with his friend Ben’s sister in his community following the death of George Floyd. Through the Black Lives Matter we spread awareness and were able to spread awareness and display our message about accountability through a majority of Webster Mass. Jerard and his friends organized a protest in 4 days and over 600 people turned up at the protest.Jerard is currently working on a song called “Juice.” It is an exploration of late artist Tupac Shakur’s life based on the movie Juice. The song looks at the two strong leaders  and looks at how each portrays his decisions. Jerard is also looking for grants to continue his music education and opening an e-commerce site.

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