Priscila Bieni

March 01, 2020

Born in Montreal on August 2nd 1997, Prisca Bieni Pange, 22, known as “Prisicila” and stage name “Priscila Bieni” is a Canadian R&B singer and songwriter of Angolan origin.  She gained interest in music when only 3 after receiving a piano as a birthday gift. Writing her first song at the young age of 8, she has never stopped since and today her songwriting skills reflect years of experience, a perfect union of striking messages, catchy and melodious sounds and intellectual wordplay. It wasn't however until she was 19 that Priscila recorded her first songs, "Blackout" and "Want You to Know" which both caught people's' attention due to her voice similarity to Rihanna's.

Today Priscila has performed in numerous shows, including the renowned TheIscream's "Toronto R&B Sounds", being the first out of province artist to perform there. She has been topping the Reverbnation R&B and Pop charts (Edmonton) for over months. Priscila’s music is inspired by her multicultural life experience, having lived in different countries, she fluently speaks three languages which she uses in her songwriting. Priscila is also involved in dancing and acting, writing three plays in high school and directing them, two of which received first and second class grades at the Zimbabwean Deloitte National Arts Festival (2013). Judges were so impressed to know she was behind her school's performance that they personally wrote her a letter of recognition.



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