April 30, 2020

Rock Band originates from the province of Piacenza (Italy) in activity since 2006. It is composed of 5 musicians that have been around the Piacenza and Pavia rock scene for many years. Nagual proposes original songs and 70/80/90s rock covers, mainly influenced by: Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Whitesnake (78/93 era), Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Pearl Jam and, in general, 70s Rock/Blues/Progressive and 90s Grunge...

“Tat Tvam Asi” is their debut album dated February 2017 which also features “Let It Go”, a music video for the first single. At the end of July 2018, “Naked Roots” is published, a live EP recorded at Elfo Studio featuring new acoustic versions of “My Own Two Demons” and “Let It Go” plus an unplugged revisited take of “Child of Babylon” (Whitesnake) and “Diamonds and Rust” (Joan Baez). The new single and video “Above the Clouds” is published in December 2019, anticipating the forthcoming album “A Glass Full of Karma” due to be released in February 2020. Line-up: Luca Sabia (Vocals & Guitars), Vittorio Dodi (Guitars), Giulio Armanetti (Bass), Claudio Bianchi (Drums) and G. Fabrizio Defacqz (Keyboards & Vocals).

Meaning of "Nagual"

A Nagual, according to Aztec mythology, was a totemic spirit; every god and every human being had a Nagual, like Huitzilopochtli / hummingbirds and Quetzalcoatl / feathered serpent. Nagual is also a term used in the books of Carlos Castaneda, to describe a person who is able to guide others towards new areas of perception. The Nagual is the benefactor of apprentices, a guide to total freedom. The Nagual (according to Castaneda) is opposed to the Tonal, understood as anything that can be explicated and understood by reason, the Nagual is a reality that transcends the purely intellectual understanding and which can only be witnessed, it is all that is outside the domain of the word, of the concept, it's the inexplicable Spirit of which you can only make direct experience. From "The Eagle's Gift" by Carlos Castaneda: "Human beings have two sides. The right side (Tonal) embraces all that the intellect is able to conceive. The left (Nagual) is the domain of the unspeakable, a domain impossible to put into words. the left side is perhaps understood, if you understand what occurs, with the totality of the body; hence its resistance to conceptualization."

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