Miles Grindey

November 22, 2020

Photo credit: Claudio Rodriguez Vera

Miles Grindey was born in Southampton on January 11th 1995. From the age of nine, Miles began playing the guitar. During his time at school he discovered the music of Van Halen which inspired him to keep going. It wasn’t until 2015 when Miles left home to study politics at the University of Brighton where he joined the Music Society. One day in December 2015, Miles was just messing around in a music store in the Brighton Laines where Jack Pout (then working at the store - previously a member of the group Fukushima Dolphin) discovered him. After this, Miles auditioned to be the lead guitarist for The Bones and Arrows. In March 2016, Miles performed with the band on their only release “The Bones and Arrows EP” writing the chorus riff and solos for “Muddy Sunshine” and “Slow Light”. Miles left the band in August 2016.

After his departure from The Bones and Arrows, Miles pursued a solo career. In May 2017, Miles finished recording his first EP “Keeping My Sanity” and released it on SoundCloud. Following this, he immediately began work on his first album “Caught in a Storm” which included a cover of Joy Division’s hit “Love Will Tear Us Apart”. The album was released worldwide in January 2018. On May 4th 2018 Miles released his first single “Ethereal Bollocks”.

Following the completion of his degree, Miles returned to Southampton and began work on his second album. In November 2018, Miles left Southampton temporarily to go to Atlanta, Georgia where he spent a lot of time in various studios working with musicians and becoming a temporary regular in the jam scene there. Upon his return to England in May 2019 he released the first single from the second album entitled “Make Up Your Mind”. The track to date has achieved over 5000 streams on Spotify alone, proving to be popular with fans both new and old.
Since Miles’ return to the UK, he has become a regular in the Southampton jam scene. On November 3rd 2019, Miles entered Black Room Studios (formerly River Studios) in Totton to record a blues track titled “Nasal Coffee” which was written by Miles in Atlanta earlier in the year. The track was released on December 13th 2019 and features singer/songwriter Liam Wakefield, bassist Cam Lynn, drummer Timothy Thevarajah (Tim T), keyboardist and local jamming legend David Martin and Reg Kent on Harmonica.

In early 2020, Miles composed a brand new track titled “Slam Town” which was first broadcast on BBC Upload via BBC Radio Solent. The track was released on March 20th 2020.

Work on the original second album was postponed following the lockdown measures put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic. Within the first UK Lockdown, Miles began work on a brand new album titled “Isolate This!”. The last track Miles wrote for the album was released as a single on June 12th 2020 titled “Fully Loaded” alongside a music video for the track.
The album was released on September 18th 2020 and features Irish singer-songwriter Sonia D (on the track "Someday), Laurence Henderson (guest solo on "Back To Business"), renowned bass player from Ohio - Eric Rupert ("Nothing But Sweet Memories) and Richard Jewer (bass - "Have It Your Way" and "Someday").

Miles Grindey - "Make Up Your Mind"

Video Credits: Doni Irawan

Shot on location in Indonesia. Two lovers having "a bit of a tiff"

Miles Grindey - Guitar
Ian Michael Bruh - Vocals
Enrico Galetta - Bass
Wayne Viar - Drums

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