Mackenzie O'Brien

February 26, 2020

Mackenzie O'Brien is a singer songwriter from  Northern Illinois who travels regularly to Nashville to write, record, and perform.  As a child Mackenzie was melancholic and was nicknamed "Hummingbird" as she was often found playing alone while humming made up melodies.  Mackenzie was without direction in school and very average when "music found her" at the age of 14.  She picked up a guitar out of boredom and felt as if her brain was unlocked.  

In her short three year professional career Mackenzie has performed over 300 times and performed in the cities of Chicago, Madison, Nashville, Austin, Milwaukee, and Los Angeles.  She has also received recognition from John Oates (Hall N Oates), Cortney Burns (Head Talent Producer at The Voice), and Artie Kornfeld (founder of the Woodstock Fest 1969).   Mackenzie has begun to experience success as a song writer and has landed 22 original songs on small market radio in the US and in several cities in the UK.  She describes her writing and melodies as an indie country blend.

Mackenzie's hard work was recognized this year when she was awarded a grant from the Endowment for the Arts to aid her latest recording project.  Mackenzie is excited about expanding the reach of her band in 2019 and hitting the performance circuit locally and beyond.



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