Luci Lampe

May 25, 2020

Luci Lampe is a mom of 4, award-winning singer and songwriter, commercial actress, lifestyle & fitness model, coach, author (Achieving Sexy andThe Sexy Mama Manifesto, and The Sexy Mama Morning), and entrepreneur. Her writing has been featured on the Huffington Post, Forbes,, CBS, and Fox.

After a 6+ year hiatus from the music industry, birthing two more little humans, overcoming an autoimmune disorder, and surviving hell as a family through her husband’s 2-year disability and depression, Luci returns with a bold, unapologetic message of freedom and courage. 

Her new music boasts a hooking pop sound with soulful, heartfelt vocals (think: The Weeknd meets Christina and Shakira). From confident and sexually empowered to tender and emotionally vulnerable, Luci exposes her pain, desire, surrender, and courage like never before.

Watch Luci's music video "Wild Wild Feelin"


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