Leanna Firestone

June 21, 2021

Hey! My name is Leanna Firestone! It's kind of unbelievable that I'm writing a bio for myself right now; I don't really feel important enough to need one. But- in case I am to you, Here's some information about me: I'm 19 (though not for much longer), I'm studying Commercial Songwriting at MTSU (though maybe not for much longer, if this music thing takes off), and I write and sing songs (probably for the rest of my life).

In 2020, the worst year of everyone's collective consciousness, I started making TikToks. At first, I was just talking about anime... but eventually I started singing. (I know, the lamest origin story ever.) But from these TikToks, I started to release music and things inevitably snowballed and people started to really care about me and my music. Because of this support, I was able to live my dream. My greatest musical achievements to date are: my song Strawberry Mentos reaching 2M streams, Least Favorite Only Child reaching 1M streams, my EP, "Y/N" peaking at #8 on the US singer-songwriter iTunes Charts, and getting 2nd place in my 8th grade talent show with my song "Stars".

Most recently, I put out my debut EP "Y/N" (pronounced Your Name) and launched my first round of merchandise. And next on the horizon is a debut album, coming in October of 2021.

Official Website: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJ5fN4XA/ 

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