Jessica Morale

March 25, 2020

Jessica Morale is a South Florida Alt-Pop singer/songwriter with a distinctive and unique presence. Gracing stages such as Culture Room, Revolution Live, Florida Music Festival, and intimate shows alike, her rich sultry voice, electric stage presence, and quirky style sets her apart from others in the genre.

Singing since the age of 4, Morale developed her rich, sultry voice over years of performing in choirs, musicals, and various talent showcases, catching the attention of talent scouts early on. Over time, she began writing her own songs and later learned to play the guitar and piano to accompany herself on stage. Morale’s adoration for music has long-lived in her soul and her fans will soon have a taste of her hard work.

In 2017, Morale showcased a dynamic mix of sparkling songs in her debut EP “Good Intent” with the Latin Grammy-nominated label, Hoot/Wisdom Recordings. Pierced with robust authority in her voice, listeners will be moved by stories of love, pain and the beauty in imperfection. An advocate for mental health and female empowerment, Morale’s transparency on the EP serves as an anthem with a message to persist, regardless of the challenges that lay in one’s path.

Shortly after releasing saucy singles, "This Romance" and "I Am a Song" in 2018, Morale continues to tell her stories of love, pain and the beauty in imperfection in her latest single, "Hunter". "Hunter" emerges in a much darker new direction as a sassy power pop anthem that encourages listeners to reclaim their power. An ethereal Alt-pop track, listeners can expect the single to be seething with sparkling synths, cinematic percussion, soaring vocals and crass honesty in its lyrics.

With her distinct presence and power-house vocals, Morale is ready to dominate the pop music scene, one stage at a time.










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