Danielle Hollobaugh

April 15, 2020

A deep history with music has created a passion within Danielle Hollobaugh that is ineffable. As a six year old in Florida her parents signed her up for a theatre camp and the fire in her soul for music has only continued to grow since then. Starting at a young age has allotted Danielle the time necessary to perfect her craft and to compete and create on both the local and national levels. Years of hard work and dedication have led to her spending her time performing music that she has written and recorded at festivals, churches, and other various events.

Blind since birth, Danielle has let nothing get in the way of her larger-than-life dreams. Her persistence to that dream has resulted in her winning the national Talent Quest karaoke competition in the Women’s Country category, the Southeastern Idol competition in Florida, and taking home Best Songwriter and overall winner at the Florida Ignition showcase.

Since her time competing, Danielle has been hard at work creating music that can empower people to chase their dreams as relentlessly as she has.

For more info visit - www.daniellehmusic.com

Watch Danielle's music video "Come Alive"


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