Crashing Atlas

July 12, 2021

A hard rock band with a power-house vocalist from Maryland; Crashing Atlas is set to release their debut full-length album "Black Sky Sunrise" on June 18th, 2021.

Crashing Atlas kicked off this era in 2018 with the smash single Monster. “'Monster' reflects something that’s inside of everyone, whether it’s battling your depression, addiction, self-image, or any demons that might be holding you back from the truest and best version of yourself.”

They followed up this effort with their next single The Light. This song along with Monster were the tracks that most influenced the instrumental and lyrical direction of their soon-to-be-created album, "Black Sky Sunrise". They spent the entirety of 2020 locked down in quarantine writing the music that would eventually define a new era.

Starting 2021 off with a bang, they released their heaviest song to date: Graveyard. With the emotionally raw lyrics and the gut-wrenching riffs in this song, it takes the listener into a journey of rage and heartbreak. 

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Video By: Indigo Republic Films DP: Ryan Jordan 1st AC: Marissa Arguijo