Anıl Aydın

March 25, 2020

nıl Aydın is an Istanbul based musician and print artist. She started performing at Istanbul local scene around 2005 ,collaborating with different projects & bands, and started writing her own music around 2008. While studying Fine Arts in New York and working with high-end brands by creating artworks for them, she published her own music from platforms such as Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Moving back to Istanbul in 2014, she continued writing music and creating artwork, whereas having DJ Sets at variety of clubs in Istanbul. She sees her creation in music and art as a whole, and tries to go back to the core of her starting point of emotions by using and combining the materials she creates. She is an artist who takes part in every step of the release process, by getting involved and using her ideas in every product such as videos, album art, etc.

She has released her first single ‘Belong’ in May 2019 which has elements and inspiration from 80s synth-pop, and her new single ‘Way Out’ which was produced by Yasemin Özler circulates among genres such as neo-classical and alternative. The new single 'Way Out' took its place on digital platforms independently, on Oct 28, 2019. The lyrics and music of 'Way Out' belongs to Anıl Aydın. 'Way Out' which ripples melancholic lyrics in a magical atmosphere, aims to be a gateway to peace and light through its arrangement. Memet İncili mixed, and Morgan Nicolaysen from Propeller Mastering mastered the song, and Irmak Altıner is the director of the video shared with the song. 

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