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For over 4 years INDIEARTST has been bringing awesome music videos from indie artists and bands to the music lovers across the globe.

Our Music Platforms have provided a great opportunity for emerging artists to be seen and heard at a large scale. 


These up-and-coming talents are able to share their life's work and start to make a name for themselves and showcase who they are.

Almost all music featured on INDIEARTST is artist submitted and depend on you, our loyal fans, to not only enjoy, but share to the world and get these artists some much deserved publicity.

Whether you are first timer or frequent visitor, we thank you very much for being part of a great music journey and discover indie music.


Not a typo, not a misspelling, but being as unique as the independent artist we feature.

"INDIEARTST" was created as a brand name to help separate us from the normal "indie artist" used for other blogs and websites. 

Add the MUSIC TV to the end and you get who we are and what we are about.

Indie Music Television.

If you feel we are doing a good job at providing indie fans a great music platform and would like to help out, then please donate to our cause.  Donations help us keep ads off our platforms.