OUTFRONT TV Weekly Programming

12:00 AM  Music Video Mix 4:00 PM  OUTFRONT TV Presents
7:00 AM  Pop Latino 5:00 PM  OUTFRONT TV Artist Spotlight 
8:00 AM  Boots & Guitars 6:00 PM  New Music Spotlight ft Intica (lineup)
10:00 AM  musictout 7:00 PM  Soul+
12:00 PM  Rock House 8:00 PM  New Music Spotlight >>replay
2:00 PM  Indie & Folk 9:00 PM  HIP HOP OUTFRONT
3:00 PM Artist Video Playlist - Baker Grace 11:00 PM  Dance into the AM
  US Central Time (Mon - Sun)

RADIO Weekly Programming

 12:00 AM  All genre music mix  4:00 PM  Music In Review
  6:00 AM  Country Mix  6:00 PM  New Music Spotlight (replay)
  8:00 AM  Pop Mix  7:00 PM  Dance & EDM mix (M,T,T,F) - Punk & the Princess (Wed)
 10:00 AM  Indie & Folk Mix  8:00 PM  Soul Hour (M,T,T,F) - Punk & the Princess (Wed)
 1:00 PM  New Music Spotlight  9:00 PM   Hip Hop on the 9'z
 2:00 PM  Rock & Alternative Mix  11:00 PM  Rap & Hip Hop Mix
  US Central Time (Mon - Sun)

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